My culinary autobiography


Hello internet people!

My name is Matt Cohen, and I’ll be here (in your computer screen) documenting my culinary experiences. In fact, you can see me now, smiling to the left of this text.

I am interested in becoming a Chef because I take pleasure in producing for others enjoyable and delicious experiences. While I have been able to do this in the home, I would like to be able to do it on a larger scale.

I do not currently work, nor have I ever worked, in the culinary industry. My experience has been solely amateur. I had the opportunity once to cook for a summer camp, but I turned it down to spend time at a friend’s cottage.  And, lo, there were sunburns…

I cannot yet determine a comprehensive personal philosophy of cooking. I don’t think that I cook in a particularly self-aware fashion but what I can identify is this:
– When cooking at home I would rather let a recipe inspire and serve my needs than cook to a recipe’s specifications.
– I enjoy blending foods and ingredients from disparate regions and cultures, all in the name of producing tasty and even interesting (!) food.

Throughout this experience, I hope:
– to gain a concrete understanding of how and why we cook for one another; and
– to receive suggestions and comments from colleagues that can help shape a well-considered approach to cooking.